Samson’s Delilah – Unfinished Humans

The first album from Dunster, BC – based Samson’s Delilah is a stunning debut. With virtuosic musicianship and stellar songwriting, their ability to weave intricate world-beats with socially-conscious lyrics makes for an eclectic and truly entertaining album. One shouldn’t be surprised as the band has strong roots through such local favorites as Mamaguroove (Seth Macdonald – guitar and Shara Gustafson - vocals), coupled with the steady beats of Dan Barton and the world-class bass of Australian Tim Bennett. Each track on Unfinished Humans is a well-crafted delight. Their original songs are lyrically sweeping in nature and truly realize the dynamic, operatic style that their music is aiming for. Even the cover song (Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”) is a refreshing take on a signature classic. The band exploded on the scene during the 2015 BC summer festival circuit and their live show signaled the arrival of a new musical force that immediately set a high bar for other acts to reach. Now, add this new album and you can hear what the buzz is all about.
Dwight Wolfe (The Wolfman) Host of Homegrown on CFIS-FM, Prince George, BC

OH MY &*%&$^#%@^& GOD ! ! ! I swear to emphasis how much I was blown away by your album. You took me to a place musically I've never been before and loved it. I know the instrumental side is so tight and spot on, and for me the vocals just took it to another realm. To me it brings out the essence of north American tribal, spirituallity and it's has a beat that allows to be funky or in a cool groove or something. I was amazed at the first song, then the second song, and honestly was not let down for the whole album.
Bob Blaue~ Bobb Inn Daze

Album Reviews!!! 

“... downright enjoyable...tightly played mix of alt.folk, reggae tinged funk and country bluegrass…" 



“Utterly captivating… heavily influenced by Latin guitar, reggae, rock opera and other world music and driven with thought provoking songwriting.” 



“...dramatic, exotic and inspiring…..an impressive and stirring set of songs." Unfinished Humans is all about vibe and ‘guroove’" 



“…although plenty of rock moves and pop hooks here, you cannot escape the depth of the African beats and folk melodies in this music…It is playful, even while reaching deep and is quite hard to resist. So why bother…. There is a lot of variety and it all works.” 



“check out the whole album.” 


“Reggae slams into funk in this new song from Canadian band Samson’s Delilah. …Singer Shara Gustafson has an amazing voice.” 



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